The EUREP experience

17 December 2015

Dr Palou with a resident from Nepal

Nepalese resident Dr. Kiran Jang Kunwar gives high points to EUREP experience.

I am from Nepal which is far less known to the developed world especially when you have the likes of China and India as your neighbours. Many of my fellow European residents can’t even pinpoint where Nepal lies in the world map. I consider being selected as a EUREP participant in the non-EU category as an achievement and it is with pride that I represent my country.

The European School of Urology (ESU) has made this residency programme as one of the best education programmes for residents. For non-EU candidates getting admission to EUREP may be tough since there are fewer slots and which means that EU-ACME score and one’s CV become more crucial. Merit-based selection in an open category has made EUREP more inclusive, admitting residents from outside Europe. When I received news of my selection it made me feel like walking in the clouds since I really worked hard to get EUREP admission.

The dedicated expert lectures which trigger lively discussions are the major highlights of this educational programme, and the lectures cover almost all of urology. The six-day intensive course on evidence- based modern urology, along with the interaction with experts in clinical case management, shows the quality of EUREP’s curriculum.

With insights from the faculty members and their tips on the practical applications of guidelines, the comprehensive updates and current best practices, certainly make EUREP a unique opportunity. The Hands-on-Training was another highlight, and I appreciated the individual mentorship given throughout the laparoscopy course.

In the social programme, the barbecue and karaoke evening was something special and will be remembered by many of the participants.

The UK group led by Professors M. Drake and J. Khastgir invited us (residents from India, Australia, South Africa) to join their residents and we had a memorable evening. Interestingly, last year’s participants picked an alternate name for EUREP: “PERUE” or the acronym for “Powerful Experience of Rapid Urological Education.”

Our thanks to the EAU and the ESU for the two decades of EUREP which is now considered as one of the best urology residency programmes in the world. This quality programme can only be possible by the efforts of dedicated ESU professors.

We are indeed grateful to all faculty members for the wonderful six days of intensive teaching and to the team of Prof. Joan Palou and Jacqui McGrath for their hard work and dedication. Being part of EUREP 2015 has been very productive and will defi nitely boost my knowledge in urology.

Dr. Kiran Jang Kunwar, Urology resident Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University, Dept. of Urology, Wuhan (CN).