EUREP: Not just education but an association

17 December 2015

Not just education but an association

Dr. Raman Tanwar wrote about his experience during EUREP15: Unique training programme known for its quality curriculum.

Every urology resident today recognises EUREP as the world’s best urology residents training programme which attracts some of the brightest young minds. It is fortunate that residents from India also get a chance to be a part of this event through the joint collaboration of the Urological Society of India and the European Association of Urology.

Selection for Indian residents is by taking an exam and an interview conducted by our national society. Being admitted is certainly inspiring since EUREP is a programme known for its quality curriculum. The excitement starts building up from the very fi rst mail by the EUREP offi ce and one can see just by the invitation that everything is going to be great and well organised. Even though EUREP comes with a reputation, the belief is reconfi rmed with the attention to every detail with regards to skills-building, academic interest, stay and travel. ‎

EUREP is one of those unique training programmes where you have access to the study materials well in advance and the goals and objectives are clearly laid out. And there is more to EUREP than meets the eye. The effi cient communication between participants and organisers ensures everything is prepared and taken care of on time.

My journey to EUREP began a week earlier with my clinical visit to the medical university of Vienna where I observed the European approach to urology. I met faculty who were trained at EUREP or had been part of the programme and everyone assured me of a great opportunity that lay ahead. I arrived at Prague late evening and the course was to start the next day and yet the EUREP team worked relentlessly to register delegates and provide learning materials. Everything was well laid out and easy to understand.

The lectures started on time not just on the fi rst day but throughout the course. The professionalism and dedication towards teaching was evident by religious attendance of all teachers and tutors. Likewise in reciprocation the student chairs were full every time and getting late meant that you’ll end up sitting on the last bench. It is unbelievably diffi cult to cover the entire urology in a matter of days but EUREP is one of the fi nest examples of how this can be done. It will be unrealistic to expect all the details and concepts to be discussed, but the curriculum is designed to cover the basics in entirety and one manages to identify ones problem areas and doubts with ease.

EUREP is a refresher course in urology that focusses on concepts that you can’t live without as a urologist. More than that it gives a unique opportunity to interact with renowned experts and clear concepts and get some unique opportunities. While it tries to establish a platform and bring everyone on the same starting level the course also feeds the doubts and fears of the ignited minds. The lectures are well prepared with regards to content and so well-rehearsed that it seems like a play is being presented before you. Following case discussions reemphasise the practical points and ensure that important messages have been delivered to everyone sitting in the room. However what you learn during EUREP is not just within these halls but also outside them. You learn from discussions with the teachers and more importantly the new friends that you make. I think it is the most useful opportunity to learn. Talking about unique facets available at different centres widens the horizons and provides food for thought. EUREP is the ground for lifelong friendships and collaborations and now that it is over, these associations are the ones that will remind me of the course for a lifetime.

EUREP is a unique course that one gets to attend only once during residency and later maybe as a faculty but I hope to hear about more twitter interactions or maybe an app to connect with the speakers to clear more doubts and stay in touch with academic updates in EUREP 2016. I also wish that all delegates can spend some time in the dry lab and eventually get some hands on wet lab training as well with some of the fi nest tutors. Attending EUREP is a once in a lifetime experience for everyone who gets to be a part of it and I am thankful to the European Association of Urology and the Urological Society of India to have given this chance to me.

Dr. Raman Tanwar, Final Year Resident in Urology from New Delhi (IN).